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Nie selection and prices. How does credit card payment work? is it like BC where you buy x amount and pay that way.
Sup Quad. No sir, no minimum, and no, you dont use your CC to buy BC to pay for your products Its a one and done payment system. Pay with CC and set back and wait. If you would like to email me at [email protected], I can be more open and answer any and all questions. Thank you


Bro been a minute since i been on here; working offshore has its pluses; good food and gym, but out of pocket. anywho just wanted to touch base wirth you. The Test, deca and dbol is kicking. strength has went up drastically and getting some good full pumps. Will be placing a nolva or arimi order this weekend. also want to apologize for being testy with my first order, i was just leery of your cc payment system, that shit rocks too, way to easy n convienet. I got as buddy going to hit you up using me as a reference. If you treat him the way you treated me, youll have a customer for life. Peace
also i noticed it didnt let me rate you with stars as with ur prices, products ordering etc. I dont know if I did something wrong. If so klet me know and i will fix it. Thank you for comign thru my man


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Thank you very much for the prompt service, and unreal delivery time, sorry for all of the ?'s just been disappointed a few times and kinda leary . I will keep updated and review coming later. If your products are anything like your service, you have a long term customert
Youre very welcome and thank you for choosing us. Of course, getting you your order is only part of the process, now to see what results you get. If you have anymore questions, concerns, or need anything else, let us know, please. Thanks!