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i have serious nodular acne. I used accutane when I was 16. I ran it for 5 months thru a doctor. It worked. Had really bad dry lips the whole time. Then I starting using steroids in my twenties And it came back reallyii bad again. At 26 I went back to doctor and ran it again for 4-5 months and it worked. i stayed off juice while on medication and all the way into my mid 30’s. I started juicing again around age 35 and it has come back really bad for last 5 years. Real bad serious nodular acne covering my back chest and shoulder  So I am going to try and run 20mg 2xper day while I am still on cycle (primo 600mg, test 300mg, and alternating Tren A and Trest every for weeks) and see if this works. No orals will be run due to stress on liver. I remember doctors told me about possible liver issues while on accutane in the past. So I always get my bloods done every 3 months anyway, so I will be monitoring my liver


has Anyone had success running accutane while on cycle (not cruising). 

PS. I have suffered with acne my whole life  The only thing that has ever helped me was accutane. I tried all these home remedies mentioned in this forum but none have worked for me. Retin A did not even come close to helping. That’s what doctors tried originally. 





Out of whack estro can make acne worse. What's your ai protocol and whst was your e2 while on cycle?




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I just went through some terrible acne on my forehead from my first dbol cycle. I'm usually not one acne prone even on my first cycle of test only at 500mg a week for 15 weeks. When acne showed up when I started using dbol I tried some acne stuff my wife uses every morning and night. It's a 3 step acne cleaning solution. Step 1:Foaming wash, Step 2: Astringent, Step 3: Benzo Peroxide cream. Its the Clinique makeup brand acne solution. If I see new acne I could literally use this morning and night 1 day and next day its gone brother. Hope this helps.



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<p>Anyone suffered fucking terrible Acne on back and face? And any suggestion about accutane(Isotretinoin)? </p>
get accutane it works wonders brother. can i ask where r u getting from because i could use some? the accutane i got is way underdosed?