PTSD and Steroid Use




Gear2Go said:
</p><p>This will touch personal experience but also experience with my closest friends whoI served with.</p><p>Not every person who suffers from PTSD is a crazy psycho, which sadly much of the general public thinks. It can be social disorders, that limits ones person to ability to communicate in larger crowds. It can show itself in over protectiveness of family and friends. It can show itself internally (me) where you continually watch every person and what they are doing, what there body language says, watching hands and movements. </p><p>The gym can be a safe zone for many guys and gals who suffer from PTSD. Its a place they are not overwhelmed and in control.The desire to be better in that one place can take over everything else. For those people, as long as they don't have pre existing anger issues, AAS are semi therapeutic. It keeps their mind focusing on their goals and allows them control of that goal. Many soldiers used AAS while serving too, so they are use to the ability to use these substances. </p><p>I think in extreme cases, it can be very harmful. I have two friends who come to mind. Both these guys served on tours very early on during Operation Iraqi Freedom. They both are normally hot heads, and have anger issues. Upon returning they have gradually became worse. Also both have been on several medications for PTSD/ anger/ depression. For them i think changing their hormones is not a good idea. </p><p>
. </p><p> </p><p>X2.... Was replying to a thread the other day where the brother was gonna run a.a.s. while on psych meds. IMO that's not a good idea... </p>