Reliable domestic source in Australia


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Hi there,
Wondering whether any aussies could point me in the direction of an online domestic source of test etc that you have had success in regards to a good being delivered and legit.
I haven't had much success with my usual online domestic sources of late and hoping to try another one that people have found reliable of late.
Thanks for your help.
** Apologies if this post is against the rules I just read them and not sure if this post is allowed?

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hello... unfortunately it's actually against the rules.. but until a mod would most likely remove it, I can tell you that there are lots of sources that offer shipping in Australia, but due to rough customs, many do not offer free reship if they get seized at customs. don't know Australian sources though... sorry


I’m in Australia and know of lots of good domestic suppliers. Most have lab tested gear also. Buy from websites and reviews on an Australian forum.