Roids and years of training experience


Hi guys, I am writing to ask your thoughts on the use of steroids based on years of activity in the gym.
Basically, is the use of steroids more effective in those who have already been training for a long time and already have good muscle mass, or do they work equally on guys who instead maybe have only been training, however seriously, for a few months?
I belong to the second group, although in the past I used to train but in a non-constant way while now I am really getting into it with a lot of passion.
Do you have any advice on this? What is your experience in this regard?


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gear is more effective in those who know what they are doing and are consistent. they can greatly help a beginner if he does it alright, but it may wreak havoc on a professional who doesn't. if you're listing seriously for a few months, diet on point and do everything you can to stay on track, but you also want to get to the next level, you can add gear. but again, do it carefully and wisely!