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Semaglutide is a peptide hormone that naturally exists in the human body, with a variety of biological activity and medical applications. It mainly plays a role in regulating cell physiological processes such as cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell differentiation, and cell migration.

The main purpose of Semaglutide is as follows:

1. Anti -cancer treatment: Semaglutide can be used as an anti -tumor drug, which can inhibit the progress of tumor body by promoting tumor apoptosis and inhibiting tumor growth.

2. Diagnosis of breast cancer: a derivative of Semaglutide —— 1A-Domain can be selectively binded with breast cancer cells in the body to be used for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

3. Tumor appearance: Semaglutide can be combined with radioactive isotopes or fluorescent dyes to treat tumor molecular appearance and imaging navigation.

The synthesis method of Semaglutide can be achieved through solid phase synthesis or liquid phase synthesis. In solid -phase synthesis, the protected amino acid synthesis unit is gradually constructed in solid phase. Then protect the response to remove the amino acid protection group and get the target peptide. The synthetic peptide chain is usually connected to the carrier molecules, and a gradual ethyl or gyrroladia reaction is performed. There are also some other synthetic methods, such as chemical liquid phase synthesis and chemical synthesis. You can choose the appropriate method according to specific needs


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never heard of Semaglutide being used for anti cancer treatment, diagnosis of breast cancer, or tumor appearance. do you have any studies? and why'd you post it in forum rules? :D