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I am currently running ostarine with no test base. I want to squeeze results from weaker compounds. I am beginning to experience moderate suppression. Should I add 100 mg test enanthate? I'm assuming my androgen receptors will bind to the sarm before test

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you shouldn't use ostarine for 3 months. I would recommend 8 weeks cycle. then PCT. and if you plan to use PCT, why would you do test? also, there's nothing to tank the estrogen, nor will testosterone. point is: if you never used steroids and you're now 2 months into Ostarine, i recommend going into PCT. wait a while to get your levels back to normal and then start an actual test cycle after bloodwork.


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Sarms might sound safer, but things like test, deca, dianabol, anadrol, anavar, primo are tested on people and the effects are known.

Also taking test now will, as these guys say, suppress you further.

You'll probably spring back within 6-8 weeks even if you don't use any clomid or tamoxifen, I wouldn't expect gyno or anything, but you might be lucky and grow a tit, these things are very person specific.

What's your experience level, body fat, aims, age etcetera.

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Basically, the best Ostarine cycle length is 8 weeks and most likely you won’t feel any suppression. Only if feel good at the end of 8 week can extend it up to 12 weeks. But you are starting to experience suppression, so i would recommend to finish your cycle.
You dont need to do a PCT after 8-12 week cycle of MK 2866. The compound is very mildly suppressive, just make sure that you don’t take dosages that are way too big. What dosage do you take mate?

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that's individual. some may actually need a PCT even with proper dosages
I agree, it’s always individual as with roids as with research chemicals
Usually suppression from Ostarine is very mild and barely noticable. Most don’t even notice it. But if notice, your body will naturally recover in a few weeks after the cycle. But..i agree..its always individual


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SARMs are junk...

Like Tylenol vs morphine..
They might both be pain killers... But... 1 is way fucking better!

I did 4 cycles of SARMs before going on gear. Got better results from my first cycle of test than all 4 cycles of SARMs.
And gear is cheaper, and safer.