Sub-Q Steroid Injections


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I’ve been doing my daily research on TRT, anti aging, and gene editing. While doing so I ran across an article touting that subcutaneous injections of testosterone were 20% more effective than intramuscular. Specifically it states that 80mg sub-q was just as effective as 100mg IM.

Has anyone experimented with this? Wondering what kind of effect it would have on visceral fat among other things...?.?


Could you post the links or at least the more pertinent ones? I've never intentionally pinned sub-q. When I did my very first cycle, I was using slin pins, so some of them might have been sub-q since I had hardly a clue what I was doing. The only injections I had ever done previously, and many many years ago was IV


Many women inject test subq and they respond well but your talking about micro amounts of oil compared to men. My wife subq pins .1ml per week compared to my 1ml per week. You could pin on a daily basis subq but I use my cruise as a break from ed pinning since I run mostly short esters. Also you change the half life of the compound subq since there is less blood flow subq vs deep muscle tissue.

Thank you for the links. I'll check them out.


good reads. I have to take breaks from ED pins as well. went back to an old school test deca cycle since the last one of Tren had me pinning daily. I finally have a source though that doesn't have any PIP. happy about that, but i'm curious too if anyone has subq before.