T3 and clen


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I placed an order around 2021/2022 and it went great. I received my order in about 1.5-2 weeks. In 2023, I placed an another order in late Feb. It is now mid April, my order is never showing up, about half of my emails get ignored, and all I get in response is an invalid tracking number and promises of it will arrive in a few days. The site used to be legit and very professional, that is why I was a repeat customer. Idk why is going on now!! I have no idea if my order was seized by customs, got lost, or was never sent. They keep saying it is "at the hub" but never anymore info than that...what hub, where? How long has it been there? Why is my tracking number invalid for over a month? Because it is "on the way" they will not send a replacement. I realize because of the nature of the transaction, there is not much I can do about it, but this is bad business. I have several friends at the gym who wanted to see what kind of results I got from the clen and T3, and if they were impressed, they were placing orders too. If my order never arrives, I guess they won't be ordering from here.


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it most likely got grabbed by customs especially if you address is very active with packages coming there from overseas. wait for a letter that takes 2 months to get in the mail.


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You need a source that will guarantee shipping. Sounds like you got hemmed up possibly. I hear this sort of thing a lot. I also hear of packs arriving months later. Either way, you using hgh and T3? What are your goals with these products?


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He said he was using T3 and Clen, not HGH. Although it's very common to use HGH and T3.

HGH increases t4 conversion to t3. However, an increased t3 would down regulate t4 production... so people replace or add t4 while using HGH. Also, both have weight loss effects (HGH helps lose weight, and so do T3 and T4).