Test E cycle (Zero appetite )

currently 214-220 lbs fluctuating.
Started a test E cycle @ 500mg a week split into two doses mon/Thurs ,And since the 2 day my appetite has gone to shit.Below are my pre cycle numbers.

    448 (ng/dL)
    (pg/mL) 123.7 (or) 12.3 (ng/dl)
      21 (nmol/L)
      This might be over kill info ,but numbers tell stories,I do suspect that these could be alittle lower than they should be because of a Rad140 cycle that i didnt do a good pct for.Any help would be awesome ,considered taking Dbol again at a low dose because it really made me hungy as a horse.
Basicaly i put any info i had ,And want to know why i would lose all appetite on Test E.And i anyone had similar effects and what they did to remedy the issue .
it's extremely uncommon for Test to tank your appetite.
but I'm not sure I got it right:

your appetite tanked after 2 days of using Test Enanthate?
Yes.After 2 days i had no appettite but at the same time i can sometimes get a nauesus feeling in the gym,and it goes away if i force myself to eat something.


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Can't say for sure, but I think it's either a placebo or you have it from something else. Test E doesn't kick in so fast. 2 days is barely enough to see any effects from it.
I dont no either, i have an Ai i might try to see if that helps since in my bloods i had know estrogen test so i guess i could have high estro levels.Starting the second week of test e im not looking for results from the test, i just noticed that right after my cycle starting i lost all appetite.