Test E, EQ, superdrol


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nothing like pharmacy test, ugl , most of them cut corners, some just use fucking oil. raws are expensive and these ugl arent rich when they fist start off. so, we, the customer pays for it in product quality. they all brag how good there products are and they believe that but in reality there product sucks. if you have to shoot 1200mg of test theres know prooduct in there and if there is its very little.

2 tongue T

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How about if I run 800 test e 500 deca a week and throw in 50 tren ace eod to bulk but also cut fat. I loved the way tren made me feel on the last cycle up until I didn’t but it was tren e so when the mental sides hit I had to ride it out for 2-4 weeks and I’m hoping with the ace the sides won’t be so bad….I also have some mast e 200. What would be better to feel good and gain?


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if you add tren to deca, make sure your prolactin won't spike.
and yes, masteron added to a tren cycle helps you feel better (usually)