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I just wanted to ask, because i seem to not fully understand this "free gear" thing,

what is wrong for a new source to give for example 10 people free gear for testing the products?

For a new source its very hard to catch the first customers, because why would somebody order at a source which is not known so far,

when there is a full list of sources which are proofed allready to send working gear?

With free gear at the begining a new source can proof to deliver good and working products which should be seen as a good thing for the source in the first place. This is proof that the source is no scammer, and is able to deliver the products.

In that way people can test the whole process from packing the products from shipping time, stealth packaging, and for the most important thing if the products are of a good quality totaly free without the risk of loosing money. In my personal opinion to be fair for every source, there should be some kind of rule, that every new source has to deliver free gear to some random chosen but trusted people in the begining to proof that its real. Because where is the problem without something in this way for a scammer to make a website, register here, register a hand full of accounts with proxys and make fake reviews himself and scam all people which find the source here?

But this is just my opinion i don t want to break your rules, i just wanted to show you another perspective on the whole thing, so don t take it personal please, because it is not.

The only thing what i would bann everybody for would be fake pushing, but so long the reviewers realy got the products i see no problem with this. But i would make one more rule, that every positive reviewer should have to post a picture with the ordered products with somewhere his nick name written and date clearly visible.

But there is no perfect way of proofing a source i know, but a way proofing that the source is able to deliver working products exists,





It's due to the undying ploy in the drug business: "first hits free,"  Of course that first hit is most likely the best, uncut shit. Then, who knows...

If a source gets rated on giving out the best for positive reviews, then, in a sense they are paying for such reviews in some sense. When people pay for something, they tend to be less biased in the direction of the source. Yes, I am fully aware that discounts are given for positive reviews, 10%, 25% sometimes. And, yes that's a bit of a flaw. But, we are doing our best to keep it honest, at least on the face of it; like I said, as best as a site can do. Again, sure there are flaws as any site, group or organization will by the nature of necessity will have.

It's done this way here, and I don't see it changing, nor do I see a valid reason for it to change to "free gear for starred reviews. 

This is my personal take, others may see it differently.




Some free advice/opinion....I have watched this site and new suppliers come and go. The ones who seem to thrive gain their clients through involvement on the chat boards. They gain our trust through sharing and showing they know what they are talking about.

Long term I think it works better than free gear and a lot better than fake reviews.  Just my two cents worth.



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I’m new here. Just wanted to introduce myself. I read all the rules. I WILL NOT leave a review untill I am 1/2 way thru cycle. I have ordered from one supplier in top 5. I will keep y’all posted.
I just received a order from a place I ordered from before and was always completely satisfied until now. I ordered 1700 dollars worth of gear and they shorted me 3 things of cypo.. I emailed them and am getting no response. Don't want to put their name up just yet.... thank you the Oldman