Thinking about doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thoughts?


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So I was thinking about joining BJJ gym near my house.

I've always wanted to learn how to fight in my life but never learned how. Never got the chance to be trained by anyone. Was too much of a wuss to even join wrestling in high school. Then when I was done with high school I felt like it was "too late" to join a fighting school since I am older. But growing up over these past couple years I am changing and want to do more in my life. I just turned 23 and have been looking for some type of mma gym. There aren't really any close to my area so the only kind of martial art school I found that was legit was this BJJ school.

School looks legit and they have a great schedule. Open every single day of the week for busy students and workers like me. And they Cost $110 a month (which is pretty average for a martial art school according to my research).

So my question is, has anyone here ever done BJJ? What are your thoughts on it? Is it worth doing? Did you learn a lot? How effective is it? Etc



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I took up Muay Thai kickboxing at 45. Training 4 times a week on average for 15 months then work got in the way. 2.5 years off and went back 6 months ago. No one could believe how fit I was but I did train a little at home.
Last night after class I smashed 100 straight sit-ups for the second night in a row. My instructor was laughing about how 6 months ago I would not get 20 without swearing and say fuck off with your sit-ups.

Now at 49 I’m making the 15 to 30 year old have something to look forward to , being old 🤣🤣🤣

I highly recommend doing something as it’s very addictive to train and improve yourself.

This is a copy and paste from a forum I’m on. BJJ is full of steroids/peds

Jiu-Jitsu and PEDS​

Just going to touch on this as I was listening to Anthony "lionheart" Smith doing a podcast with morning kombat where they referred to ADCC as the steroid Olympics and our guys as freaks...
Jiu-Jitsu is largely unregulated; they say it is, but I have never been tested by adcc or ibjjf. Granted its possible but the facts are that at this level if you test the boys you'll lose 98% of your competitors.
The reality is, at this level your body is getting smashed. We often have broken legs, ankles arms and necks at almost every comp. My last super fight I heel hooked a black belt and broke his ankle, didn't mean it but I'm in for the win not to fuck around and as a black belt or for that matter purple belt and above you should know the defenses and if you don't you have no place being in a super fight. You will get hurt and hurt badly.
We still have people on the sidelines on IV after weight cuts and oxygen bottles after a match its that wild.
Along with the obvious strength gains we use test and deca predominantly (some of the bigger guys love tren and one of the biggest in the business has a massive sexual fetish due to it, literally the King of Cucks this guy.. no judgment here ill fuck anything that moves on tren too)
The biggest thing I got from the podcast was Anthony saying he fought Nicky rod who is a purple belt, Anthony is an accomplished black belt and he was starched so badly over the 90 min period he considered leaving his black belt on the mats. Nicky is a freak, 99kg+ dude that does cartwheels to a back take and his athleticism is something you need to see to believe, he literally does shit you re left scratching your head wondering how he did it.
Today at midday on UFC fight pass there is a superfight between king cuck and Nicky rod, if you guys want to see two warriors who genuinely dislike each other try to break an arm or leg tune in and see what the steroid games are all about.
The easiest thing to say is if you dont use peds, diet correctly, have insane cardio and great technique you'll never make it.
I would say go for it MMA in any for is great exercise and you can’t really go wrong with any form as you will be able to defend against the average person and win with just about any for against someone with no training those are facts. But maybe you like that and continue with some other types of training, it’s a start and a good one at that


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BJJ is purely grappling, and is strength based.

Traditional jiu-jitsu is suitable for self defence. Popular with ladies as you will learn to use people's weight and motion against them.

Kung-fu and taekwondo are good for fitness. Not for fighting.

Boxing, kyokoshin karate and muai thai are painful to fight against.

If I were to train someone to effectively defend themselves, I'd be drilling judo and boxing. Why? Because punching someone in the face and hip throwing them is easy.

Also, steroids?