TIPS TO BE a monster in 2024


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TIPS TO BE a monster in 2024

*MK677 is an excellent product because it promotes rapid weight gain, strength and hunger in addition to a surreal pump. But unfortunately, after testing it on myself and clients, it causes a strange panic-like anxiety that makes you unable to sleep without a sedative like XANAX.

*The secret for the offseason to work is to do the same thing consecutively for at least 9 months to solidify it without ever making mini cuts or reducing anything. High doses from the first day until the end. CONCISTENCE

*For serious muscle growth, that is, testosterone should be a base and dose of 2 to 3 grams during the off-season.

*IGF LR3 to be used non-stop must be limited to 3 times a week. This way you maintain insulin sensitivity and also the results always. 100 to 200mcg 3x a week is ideal, but there are those who use 400 to 600mcg 3x a day

*Lantus 3x a week on the same days as IGF to give you a shock on these days of weak points. 100 to 200ius the day before breakfast

*Humalog 20ius each meal and 40ius pre and post training

*In the Offseason, use a diuretic once a week (Modiuretic)

*Metformin 500mg before bed to restore insulin sensitivity


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Monstro, you should mention that this is just for absolute pros. such a cycle can kill a beginner.
are you on 3 grams of test a week?