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I ain’t having anymore kids 🤣
I want to get snipped so bad!!

Yes, ment aka trestolone but no studies showed permanent sterility. That's why it was not pursued medically it wasn't an effective ENOUGH contraceptive. I don't think any male would be infertile permanently unless seriously abusing it.

... Exactly how much would I have to take to be considered "abuse"


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Lmfaoooo that's what we don't know...I just HAD to try it but I was nervous about that too so I ran it only fir a month

Haha... My girl and I fuck like catholic rabbits... But the last thing either of us want is more kids..we already have 3 between us. She's on birth control... And I'm a level 98 Jenga player. But I'm still looking to get cut... But it's fucking $2,800 bucks.
But $2,800 for solid piece of mind... Not too bad.


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maybe you've heard about synthol? but that's no steroid, that's dog shit. but if someone told you otherwise about real steroids, they were either lying or have no idea what they're talking about, what are steroids, hormones, how they work and so on.

Craig tomo

YES I have but I wouldn't take it 💯% looked it up but it didn't convince me and from now on I'll be posting on ere for advice 👍