Trt blood test

A few weeks ago I had a blood test and had low t within that time I started my own cycle of tren e and test cyp well today the pharmacy calls me and tells me to pick up my bottle of test cyp for trt when am I going to get another blood test and how long will it take to stop the test cyp tren e cycle to get back to the normal level of the 100 MG a week my doctor is giving me cuz I don't want to blow my trt therapy it's a great connect for pharmaceutical grade test


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Normally when you start trt you have to do blood 6 weeks after starting.
Drop everything now and do your trt. Then normally it 4-6 months between bloods. Most people now have to do at 4 months


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using tren without test is a horrible idea.
also, what's the total dosage of Test you run? what's the dr. dosage and your own dosage?
The doctor is giving me 100mg per week my cycle was 200 test cyp and 200 tren e I was wondering if I could stop my test and just take the 100mg a week the Dr is giving me stacked with my 200 tren e so I wouldn't be running tren by itself I would just be running it with the test the Dr is giving me


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Well, yes, 100 mg/week of Test + 200 mg/week of Tren E is doable. But then again, it's still going to cause some off-charts in the readings. Plus, watch out for the sides. 200 mg/week is not a huge dosage, but still likely to cause side effects.
By taking the tren is it going to cause enough problems in my blood test that my doctor might want to stop the trt program I mean it's only 100mg a week but still it's pharmaceutical quality and I won't have to do much pct because I'm going to stay on the test for as long as I can
What will using the tren cause problems with on my bloodwork and will my doctor know I'm taking something else I don't want to get kicked off the trt how long would it take for the tren e 200mg to get out of my system