TRT For ever

AJ Rivers

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Hello. Ive experimented with Anabolics cycles in the past and now in my 60s and just a a couple years ago. Had some blood work done recently, 11/08/21 and all looked good according to my doctor. Testosterone serum levels showed 300 to 400 ng/ml. Within the last couple of years 2020 to present, I've been feeling tired often even when doing nothing, libido has dropped, little bit of anxiety setting in , erections weak not like before, fog headed. I've read alot about trt, and other advices on youtube saying to continue trt for life to live a healthier life, taking into account to do your checkups and bloodwork as instructed by your physician. I'd will be using 10cc of test cyp. 200mg for 10 weeks , splitting each 200mg dosage to 100mg twice per weeks. Some have adviced when finishing the 10 weeks, to rest 10 weeks and start another 10 weeks cycle and so on. Other advice to continue without stopping that would be 4.8 cycles of 10 weeks each per year, and also to donate blood every time I'd finish a cycle. Any honest opinions are appreciated
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