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Hello there and Happy Holidays. I'm in my 60's done steroids before and have trained for more than 50 years and still do not with as much intensity as I once did but nevertheless, I still work out hard, eat healthily and stay in good shape. I have done a couple of trt in the past couple of years on and off. At this stage of my life, I want to enjoy a good healthy life so I know trt is for life. I recently sat with my doc and went over the blood work results and I was amazed at the results while using Cypionate 200mg, which I split the dosage to half a cc twice per week to avoid any bad crashes. The results were astonishing, I went from 300 to 400 testosterone levels to 1,500' My Dr. says its high which can cause an enlarged prostate. I've done a lot of research and none of the findings have concluded that this was factually true.
My. Dr. is for trt approval and she suggested that I take only 100mg per week and add ACG after the 10-week cycle.
Please provide any valuable comments regards my experience with steroids, thank you.


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If you're not looking to grow muscles but simply for health purposes - I would listen to your dr.
1500 T level for someone your age is actually high and not needed as long as you don't need it for fitness needs. And yes, too high T levels for prolonged periods are likely to cause negative side effects including enlarged prostate. That's why people who use high T levels for fitness needs only do it in short cycle periods.