UFC Drops Jimmy Smith


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I miss the old boxing days.  MMA is a better product but remember when boxing was controlled by just a few dudes and the would hype the shit out of a few guys and give you these huge bouts....Ah, the gold old days of hype.    MMA, your best guys could get knocked out in thirty seconds and you have to start over with the hype machine.   

Still it's a better product. Hopefully this change will help them to keep stabilizing the sport to give us even better events.

Just my worthless two cents worth. In my day we did colligate wrestling. If you were super great you could go to the Olympics or coaching and that was it. I love what MMA has done for my favorite sport :)  


What was your take on the story Ashop?



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I'm a long time boxing fan so I do agree with what your saying. It was so exciting back in its prime. People like Bob Arum and Don King ruined the sport in my opinion and I feel like Dana White is doing the same to the UFC. The titles and rankings now mean nothing. Its all about the money fight now.