Using husbands steroids for my libido


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My husband currently uses tren and test-e and Winstrol for bodybuilding. I’ve taken a low dose of anavar a couple of cycles in the past but it’s been quite a while. I overheard one of his friends saying he injects his wife every once in a while with his steroids (he didn’t say what kind) to help “get her going” and increase her sex drive. I’m curious if any of you think this could work? I’ve had zero sex drive lately, mostly due to stress, I’m sure. I’d love to have that super horny feeling again even if just for a night! If it might work which of the three that he has and what dose would you think? Thanks in advance, I know this may sound like a weird question but I wasn’t sure where to ask and thought someone here might have an opinion.


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Hello, first off - i wouldnt recommend using any of them for libido.
tren is an absolute big NO for a female.
test e is not recommended due to long ester (enanthate) max you can go is test propionate a very low dose.
winny is used by women, but definitely not for libido and extremely carefully
u said u used anavar (as much as i understand - with success). If u want to use some steroids - ur best bet is anavar. Is safest.
in terms of libido - due to stress and poor lifestyle choices (no diet and workout) is very possible for it to occur. Avoid stress and add healthy diet with regular exercise and theres a high chance ur libido would recover without any steroids.
come back with updates! Good luck!


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Stop playing doctor and actually go see a real doctor. Anti-aging and Revunation clinics have treatment options for women with low libido. Do not start taking your husband's steroids.