Vitamin D



Good info & thanks for sharing bro!! I had a Vit D defiency once due to opiate abuse & I learned how very important it is!



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Fun fact: Vitamin D is actually a hormone. It has also been found to have a direct correlation to testosterone levels.



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Ive recently started taking Vit D 400iu tabs and i must say its really gave a general overall boost in wellbeing throught the day im no where near as sluggish as id been feeling which was obv die to my opiate abuse aswell.

I only started taking it as my missus got it prescribed while she was pregnant lol Its good stuff



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My mother has a similar diagnosis. A few months ago, going for a routine check-up at a prenatal ultrasound, it was detected that she was suffering from Intrahepatic CCA. It wasn't at a severe stage, which meant she wasn't in much pain, she didn't feel much discomfort, and because of this, she didn't suspect anything. In addition to the treatment, we insisted on trying a few supplements like NiaCel to improve the overall health condition and metabolism processes. She says she's been feeling much better since.
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