Weight loss diet


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My wife has been on 20 mcg of clen and 25mg anavar a day now for the past 3 weeks. She is having zero sides and she goes to the gym w me 5 times a week. She is hardening up and coming along wonderfully as far as her arms thighs and butt. She has some stubborn fat that she is having trouble losing. Now please know that I realize that 3 weeks in the gym is not that big of a deal I'm just trying to get some outside opinion here. For a female how many grams of protein would y'all recommend? Our diet consists of very low fat chicken and rice asparagus, sweet potatoes, yogurt, etc. With NO cheat days. I'm having a hard time telling her to count calories or count proteins and fats. We snack on unsalted roasted almonds. I mean we are literally the most healthy eaters we know. We don't do cokes in my home we don't hardly even do sugar except for maybe a spoon of honey in our coffee in the morning. I appreciate you all. Thanks in advance.


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Chart says 1.2-2g/kg for women to maintain and repair muscle. I would say lean towards the low for weight loss and towards the high end for strength training.


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Welder is right.
Plus, she should try to keep the calories under the maintenance, but I guess you already know that
My wife has been on 20 mcg of clen and 25mg anavar a day now for the past 3 weeks.
about anavar we discuss in another topic
but clen - 3 weeks on the same dosage is not a good idea.
2 weeks on and 2 weeks off either increase dosage every 2 weeks
(our bodies get used to effects of clen and it starts becoming useless)