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unfortunately properly in my country is very expensive, and dont think i will have the opportunity to do that anymore.. so what i do is try to avoid crowded timing and hoping that those mobile phone player is not in the gym during those hours. either i hit the gym very early or very late at night


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I read the first post and skipped. But I don't really go heavy and I grow just fine.
Here's what I do and I've put on 43lbs in 16 months with only 1 cycle (8weeks 10mg a day) of rad140
Let's just say ez bar bicep curls (but it's the same formula for everything)
First set of 10 45lbs

Second set of 10 75lbs

3rd and 4th set I do a heavy 8-10 reps of the same weight. Yesterday I did 100lbs. (10reps on the 3rd, 8reps on 4th)

Then I drop in weight 75-80% of my top weight
So 25lbs and I rep out! Just going for that massive pump!
I shoot for 30 reps, sometimes I do 2 sets of 20

I also do 3 or 4 exercises for each body part. So biceps would be... ez bar curls, hammer curl bar, dumbbells, then something like wide or narrow grip on the ez curl. But every one is as listed above.

I train 2 major body parts a day, then a small exercise at night.
Right now my schedule looks like this

Mon- leg day (upper and lower legs) and a small arm exercise at night
Tue- chest and back with traps and abs at night
Wed- arms(biceps triceps)and shoulders with calves-quads and forearms at night
Thur- is my core day, abs and lower back, usually 30 minutes of yoga. Then chest and lats at night.
The night exercises are usually pretty mild, and vary widely. Always trying new things (have to shock the muscle 🤣) I try to hit everything every 2 days. I don't like the idea of only hitting one body part a week.
And I just keep recycling this, I have no days off.
So Friday would be leg day, Saturday would be chest and back....ect. My core, stretch day would be my "day off"

I'm constantly getting stronger, body parts are constantly getting bigger.
I'm almost never sore. So you could say I'm not going hard enough, but I'm making up with volume!

Here's my thought process behind it. Warm up, break down the muscle tissue with heavy weights (convective tissue) then flood the muscles with blood (nutrients and vitamins) with a massive pump.
It's worked for me wonderfully. But I'm also a idiot 🤣, and I don't care about numbers. I have no interest in benching 300lbs again. I just like to feel and look good
I can say this has drastically helped my legs, especially my calves. My calves are 4" bigger than when I started.
The only body part I'm really not happy with is my traps. They just don't want to grow. I can't get a good mind muscle connection with them.

@bobby ricky
This is exactly what I do for traps as well. 4 different exercises, 4 sets getting heavier each time, then 2 sets of light weight at 20 reps with a massive pump. So 6 sets per exercise.
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