Wellesse Glucosamine to the rescue


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I don't generally run 17aa orals such as Winstrol, as I hate to put that kind of stress on my liver for the limited effects they provide, but I got some 50 mg  Stan on a promo.  In no time, I really feel it--joint pain-- especially in my lower back, which has had several injuries over the years. I purchased some liquid Wellesse glucosamine at Costco, and wow, does it seem make a difference quickly.

Anyone else use it?

I'll stick to my preferred DHT derivative, masteron, in the future, but probably keep going with the glucosamine/chondriton/msm.  

(oh, and can I use brand names and suppliers for OTC supplements?)




Can mention supplement brands Brother =),Try taking Fish Oil High in EPA.Fish Oil High in epa reduces Inflammation and does wonders for joints,Will it combat Winstrol Probably Not But I encourage everyone to use fish oil because In my opinion it is a miracle supplement that aids in so many things including muscle growth.Aim to get 3200 epa/dha Combined,Fish Oil High in DHA is good for your brain so depending on your needs choose wisely as far as Dha/EPA ratios go.If the Msm is working for you keep at it