What brand of gear do you use!


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I was just curious which brand people use, see if one is more popular than another. When I started my cycle I did research and landed on Odin labs. I do not remember what specifically it was that drove to them, but my gear and all my PCT items are Odin. Do you have thoughts if one brand is better than another?


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about one brand being better than the other - that's a matter of preference (I'm telling you as a source)
and yeah, Odin is among the most popular in the USA alongside Beligas


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I almost went with Odin, literally changed the order at the last second. But so far my next cycle will be from them. They have everything I'm looking for in a bulking cycle. We all know how that shipping can rape you if you get it from more than 1 source.


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I’ve had some bad experiences with Ultima and getting crashed test. Insanely painful injection that swelled up huge for 2 weeks in my delts. Belgias or odin