What Multivitamin to use?


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I have question about multivitamins. i know that there are a lot of opinions about this, so i need some real advice from people that knows these things.
So my question is not if i need them but what vitamins i should use. is there big difference between low or high price vitamins? I have used Orange triad for some time, people says it is very good, and there is joint complex in it, and that is what i need if i want to do winstrol cycle right? But off cycle do i realy need Triad? maybe other, less costly alternative will do the trick? is high end product realy worth the money is my question.


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according to experience - in most cases, is worth it. the extra $$ product offers the extra benefits. but as with anything, that's not always the case.
for winstrol we highly recommend something to protect your liver. not sure if orange triad helps with it (do your homework).
as in terms of going off cycle - i personally recommend everyone to run supplements on-cycle, on PCT and even afterwards, if they can afford, of course.
sorry can't really help and answer your question...


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High end products are almost always worth it. Cheaper alternatives are sometimes worth it too, but sometimes they are not. In the end, with less expensive products, more chances of failure. More expensives are used to have higher chances of success.
just how i see things.


I personally prefer the more expensive multivitamins such as Food For Life which are basically made of whole food, but generics such as Kirkland or Equate from Wal-Mart are very good. The key is to take whatever you have on a regular basis. I always notice a difference in my overall health when I don't take vitamins. It's like it makes my baseline health better. I always take additional vitamins like vitamin d separately to increase my daily intake of those.


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