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You posted in a pretty dead part of the forum. We usually post these kinds of questions in general.
But... yes squats are absolutely "better" than leg press. (But better is relative)
Squats are a compound movement. You're activating your abs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves.
So for general lifting, squats are hard to beat. Same goes for deadlift. Another big compound lift. Using several different muscle groups to preform the lift.

But... leg press can be targeted. Depending on how you place your feet, front, back, wide, narrow, toes in or out... you can target your mostly your quads or mostly your hamstrings on a leg press.
So... if you have excellent hamstring development, but need more quads... doing heavy leg press targeted for quads is "better" than squats.
Because you can go heavier while targeting 1 area.

Also if you have a bad back, leg press will be "better" than squats.

So again, better... really depends on what you're looking for. but in general, for most people having a good squat is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than a good leg press. it's why the people can "only" squat 350lbs but can rep 600lb on a leg press.

You also don't need to go super heavy on legs to get them to grow. Yes heavy weight helps... but doing 40 reps of a moderate weight can be just as beneficial for legs.
Doing 4 sets of 40 for legs will absolutely force growth. You don't always have to destroy yourself with heavy weight.

And of course I do

There ya go brother.
Have compression sleeves with straps built in, just the sleeves, or just the straps.

Also check out CENSORED if you're looking for something more on the high end. Say what you will about Larry (I actually like him) but his gear is definitely quality! I have his pants, shorts and wrist wraps. By far the most comfortable squat pants ever! And you can wear them in public without looking like a crazy person
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