What's more annoying?


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A kid who replaces hard work with steroids? or some one who's too stupid to listen to any advice? Don't take this out of context, I'm not against the use of gear, but I think people jump on juice too fast and don't even bother working out. I worked out 8 years before I ever did a cycle, sure, gear gets you big, but you're only gonna go so far if you don't have the determination to work hard. If it was easy, every one would do it. Sorry for ranting.


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Well my friend, people have many different approaches to things in life. I will use myself as an example.. I have been working out for 4 years.. and i know extensive things on bodybuilding since i do my research and it has been the one thing im good at.. But i have goals i want to achieve at certain ages. I was not born with amazing genetics.. Even with a near perfect diet and Ronnie Coleman training me i would not get the same results naturally as fast as i would with gear.


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I used to think that way, but now I just leave people to do their own thing. Of course its a bummer when some nerd suddenly becomes superman. No one can take away the hard work you have done, concentrate on those who are genuinely concerned with you and what you have to say, forget the rest.


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I remember such a case when i was training in the gym and was doing some fighting.
3 days fighting and 3 days at the gym.
one guy from the fighting group joined me at the gym .
i was lifting for about 2 years before that but wasn't too big as this wasn't my aim and also the fights are not letting you put weight.
So, we were training together and soon(after about 3-4 months) the guy became a real machine, well not so big but really huge gains for the wight he was lifting and for the time he was at the gym.
i asked him if we began to use gear but he said something like "no, i only eat a lot - beans, potatoes, meat etc". after a week, when we were in the dressing room and he was putting on his jacket the dianabol fell down from his pocket.
i asked then - "Oh, are these the beans or the meat?"


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AAS usage will not replace training. I've never seen anyone make decent gains with just usage alone.

I've seen friends make tremendous gains back in the 80's when it was a pharm grade gear and when we were young and not so informed. Saw a gym buddy go from 175 to 235 in about 6 months. Thick and strong. Total transformation. Even this hands got thick. He was one that really responded. Didn't have to work calfs at all but his calves grew like crazy.

His older bro was 5'9"(probably 25ish at the time) and weighed 220 and supposedly could do 405x10 on the bench (personal best)(on cycle). I personally saw hime do 365x8 with nobody in the gym to spot him and it looked easy. He was strong on all lifts. Quiet guy and modest. Not like the upcoming ones we all have seen.

I've knew individual who did a long and strong cycle and only gain 5lbs but that was not the norm back then. 40lbs seemed to be the average on a dbol, test, deca cycle back then for a 1st cycle.


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I am not against gear but I don't use it at all and haven't ever used it.But watching guys at the gym who use it is not fair for me.I'm in the gym 5-6 days per week, 2 hours per day and when i see a beginner kid doing 3 exercises per day ,3 days per week and growing in strength and mass much faster than me this is annoying...
IMO gear is for professionals or very experienced guys who compete or want to achieve a fixed aim, I don;t like dorks jumping on it after a few weeks and this is only to look sexy.
Sexuality is not in your muscles, it's in your soul, way of life,mentality.
Don;t take this post as offense, this is only my personal opinion.


Well, i do not know...probably both types are annoying...I have an experience of more than 5 years of hard training program before I tried gear. i do not think that boys of 18 years old after six months of training need gear. I consider this stupid and irresponsible attitude. However I never understood people who does not take any advice. Always know that there are people who are more competent than me in this topic. I made a huge research before trying gear but still think that i need to learn more.


It a shame to see a fella in his 20's asking for advice about tren cycles or bragging about his test/deca/dbol cycle. These guys haven't even reached their full potential in the gym yet. there are so many great gains waiting to happen when you are still producing testosterone like a young bucking stallion.
Plus, what ever happened to easing into AAS use ?? My first two cycles, in my late 30's, were good ole tes-e... PERIOD.These kids aree slamming dbol, Abombs, and running tren !!! not good, perfect way to shut yourself down. I guess they dont want kids.
IMO, and in my case, one should consider steroid use only after he/she has reached a plateau were gains are minimal. Unfortunately, plateau's and "just plain lazy" are often swapped.

As far as research, you can never get enough of that and should never even consider a cycle without it. Ask, read, listen and share... It what sites like this are all about.