YK11 is the secret to block Myostatin


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Now we can GROW behond our limits !​

As this new cars that have velocity limit ( a blocker ) , humans born with a limit in muscle grow called Myostatin , and of course all the fanatic bodybuilders like me looking to be as freak as possible are always trying to find the true solucion to block Myostatin and grow bigger than Ramy .

Some years ago came to market supplements to block Myostatin but all of them are complete junk . Years later when peptides came to market they create a peptide called Follistatin 344, and people see this peptide as the the secret product that will change the bodybuilding but another fail .

Few years ago came to market YK11 a “supposed” sarm that is not , and giving good results even in top bodybuilders that I know and also being part of the protocol of many top level athletes on Kuwait O2 Gym , but using dosages much higher than is recommended , like 50 to 100mg day .

But the real solution to block Myostatin is a peptide called AC 083 , a super powerful drug was created to treat body dystrophy and the most interesting thing is that he work localized , so the muscle you shoot is the only one that will grow- And this grow can be 95% increase in muscle mass on the muscle you give the injection of AC 083 . This is amazing news , mostly for athletes with weak body parts like calves or anyone with muscle dystrophy . Imagine the same results as synthol but instead of oil that looks unreal you got real muscle mass with all is fibers . This is a huge step on bodybuilding . The only problem is a very rare peptide , hard to find and also can be very expensive at the dosages we need to get 95% increase because at lowest dosage you can get 7%. So to get real crazy results you will need a huge dosage and this can be very expensive .

To be special and go to another level have a cost and we all know bodybuilding is not cheap. Increase IGF also is very expensive using increlex or combining huge dosages HGH + Insulin . This is the price we have to pay to look like a MONSTER.


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Wow just did some quick research on ACE 083 myself, it does seem to be effective from the studies. But at around 100 dollars per mg it would be expensive as hell. especially considering the dosage range of the studies I was looking at, 150-200mg were used. Good info Monstro