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    Thanks brotha and you are correct It doesn't just happen. The will to change and the action taken is definitely by the individual. Its been a journey thats for damn sure. I was also the same way, started with the booze and weed at a youg age and the acid and shrooms, then percs and the lovely dreadful late 90's with exstacy and then oxy 80's. Then it all became to expensive and like GNR sang best "I've been dancing with mr brownstone" The rest was history from that point. I'm not proud to say it, but maybe it'll help someone reading. I was told the first time I tried the shit...."prepare to never put it down" That is statistically the case but I refused to be statistic. Lost my cousin at 26 from an overdose and my best friend at 28 from the same shit!! Its a god damn epidemic in this country. Sorry to get off topic everyone and if my talk of illecit drugs offends you sorry, just sharing my experience strength and hope. Its been a struggle and like it was mentioned, "not sure if i'll never go back, but for today I won't" WhenI treat each day that way, the days add to weeks, weeks to months and months to years!!! I keep that upfront before everything, before training, eating healthy, my job etc....because without that, all that is good vanishes with the quickness. Thanks to all for the kind words and keep fighting the good fight. Like Niel young said in a recent interview on Howard Stern. "I've seen so many perish from heroin addiction and very few prosper, in fact I can count it on one hand. My personal opinion is it takes a strong motherfucker to come back and overcome such a deadly disease" This shit rings so true to me, its a fucking batle so my hats off to all of you on this side of the fence. Give yourself a pat on the back because you too are strong MF'ers!



      Back atcha Bro! 



        Wow I guess I DO belong here, addictive personality in the house...LOL



          drinking and smoking weed as a kid, cocaine for my birthday when I was 12.....list goes on and on. I have a very addictive personality as well and its something I always have to step back and keep in check and make sure I don't let it get out of hand even when it comes to daily stuff. Good thing is now I don't do any of it except for have a drink on rare occasion. I agree completely though that once you really start watching what you put in your body, you just look at alcohol and go whats the point? But lord knows there was many hard lessons along the way that helped convince me to keep away from all the crap.

          Another interesting fact was finding out that alcohol is horrendous on your body and does just about the exact opposite of diet and exercise. Which really helps me to avoid it especially when on cycle.


            Nice to see so many with similar issues. I never got to much into painkillers or harder shit ( well what i call harder shit) but I spent about 15 years of my life drinking, never on cycle and I'd quit occasionally after something shitty would happen but usually I'd be back at it a few months later. At this point I plan on being completely done with it though, its a waste of time, money and makes ya "skinny fat", less muscle more gut. Alcohol has been a hard thing for me, I started at about 16 but really got going around 19 and just never let up really. Those first few years were awesome and then slowly but surely less good and more bad until it was pretty much pointless but i kept wanting it. I was pretty good at being the "functioning alcoholic" but it just makes everything harder. Sure you can float through life drunk but are you really living up to your potential? I'd say no.

            Drug disclaimer: My next couple paragraphs are about drugs, if your offended, sorry.

            Someone mentioned shrooms, yup i love shrooms. lsd is even better but I only did that once... but wow, honestly I'm pretty sure psychedelics are the cure to depression and PTSD issues, even the VA is starting to go that route to treat it. The thing about psychedelics is they force you to look at your life from another perspective, its like a brain reset but you have to be strong, people kill themselves on that shit, usually lsa, which is an offshoot of lsd. I've lost a few friends that way. Not condoning but just gotta say it to say it...Best thing to do is turn your phone off, grab a notebook and draw or write out all your thoughts (you will have many), its pretty amazing how many different directions your mind will go and how quickly it will go there on lsd. It was terrifying but then I peaked and i saw my life differently. I saw how my daughters mom was manipulating me and in the next few days she realized i caught onto her bullshit, it was amazing. I guess I shouldn't condone lsd but i'm just saying I honestly think micro dosing certain things can help a lot, not alcohol though, alcohol and coke, meth, heroin all that shit useless in my opinion, i guess painkillers are good for...killing pain but I try to use them as little as possible if i have a surgery or something. As far as psychedelics, I kind of think of them like the Indians did, if your not sure of the path you should take next in life, trip. But again, this was suppose to be a thread against doing drugs and alcohol...just saying and some people can't handle that shit and kill themselves, which is shitty, dont do that brah.

            Ummm weed just gives me panic attacks in all honesty, coke pretty much the same, did it lots of both in high school but neither are really my thing. Right now my only thing is AAS because honestly im not even ganna mess with psychedelics on cycle, fall is my favorite season to do it but last time I tripped im pretty sure my heart pounded for like 3 hours straight and aas is already risky on the heart situation so thats a no go right now, although i took way way to much last time i tripped. Right now I'm trying to keep perfecting my diet and finish out this cycle strong, sucks i think drinking so long fucked up my metabolism n shit. Going on about 5 months without any booze right now, which is pretty amazing for me actually, I feel a lot more clear headed, started this cycle about 10 weeks ago, probably going to 16 weeks at this point. Liver enzymes were all good before i started cycle.

            Anyway that's my rant on alcohol and drugs, sorry its long i like to write apparently, good job staying away from it OP, thats awesome, I hope i can say the same thing someday, FUCK BOOZE.
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              Nothing come good from actively drinking...ruined relationships, bar fights, car accidnets and eventually death....been there done it...I have the scars to prove...Benn sober quite awhile now and I can honestly say my life is on track and I do not miss being hungover at all! My friends all support me and encourage me for the I miss a cold beer everyone in awhile hell yes....but 1 beer turns to 24 LOL no joke and then the shit hits the wall! The key is to saty active and find things to do that are better for you overall well being!


                dang good for you, i personally cut on drinking but not cold turkey. are 2 drinks a week that significant on the body? i personally havent noticed since i cut. mostly diet for me is key


                  I skimmed thru this forum and I'm right here too. Still struggle with drinkn... Finally got back to just drinkn on a Friday night and maybe a Sunday bbqeith my wife and kids before the week starts back up... I too struggled with coke and weed and x and meth bout 10 yrs ago... Now I have to really focus on tryn to make sure I don't make any orders of gear after a cycle so I make sure to give it time ... But fuck... If the worst I do is every 3 months get lil cycle and drink couple days out the week just a lil bit but work my ass off for my family 7 days a week and find time to lift and eat good and be there for my family then fuck it ... Everyone knows it could be worse... Good job to the dudes that stopped drinkn completely...