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What's your diet like?

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    What's your diet like?

    Just curious what y'all are eating these days, what your macros are, cutting, mass gaining, keto, carb cycle? How's it working for you? I'm running a slight deficit, getting ready for a mass gain. Be as detailed as you like.

    Current macros are P: 300+ C:250 +/- Fat: 63-70 (giving myself a little wiggle room to play with). Fixing to plan out a mass gaining diet, shouldn't be too difficult, probably in the ball park of P: 350 C: 350-400 F: around 70. Usual suspects for macros will be chicken, eggs, greek yogurt, whey for protein, white rice, oats and glucose (primarily) for carbs, and some sort of oil such as avocado, olive, or algae for fat. I practice nutrient timing, and some carb cycling, but prefer steady state for the purpose of efficient meal preparation.I am going to use mini-cuts during the next mass gaining cycle as needed.


    Chicken and rice motherfuckers! 

    Right now I'm just running a straight up pure bulk. Protein 330g Carbs 400g Fats 80g. Foods are chicken and rice motherfuckers, yams, turkey, beef, eggs, oats, spinach, asparagus, peanut butter, and condiments. I will be increasing my protein and carbs in the very near future. 



      CARBS: 320 G PER DAY.

      PROTEIN: 213-238 G PER DAY.

      FATS: 79 G PER DAY.

      Gain time, baby! I will dial in and adjust as needed.



        I'd say! Gonna crush it Calm



          I am not a solid example but I always like to share. Sometime I get help and maybe sometimes I even give it...probably not this time :-)

          Currently off cycle and trying to lose 25lbs. Need to find a way to finally dump the belly fat, or hopefully most of it.

          I allow myself four pieces of fresh fruit a day whenever I want.

          6:30am  Creatine & Glutamine, 48g Protein Powder -whey

          8am post workout 24g protein powder

          10:30am Chicken Breast - large

          1pm 48g protein powder

          4pm  24g protein powder or venison patty if available

          7pm post cardio workout 24g protein powder OR low fat greek yogurt

          10pm 20g Casein powder

          Again the goal is to lose 24lbs in three weeks. I will break every couple of days and replace a protein drink with a largish meal for strength and sanity...either chicken and brown rice (never white) OR a large steak and green salad.

          Total calories vary from 1,500 to 1,800 a day. Currently one week in and down the easy 13lbs. Now for the hard 12!




            Pizza and beer 



              That's what I'm talkin about!



                loool agreed


                  i am mostly protein and veggies, some carbs from fruits and oats. i was told to increase my carbs and fat if i want to get better results. i dont want to get chubby though

                  Current macros are P: 220+ C:150 +/- Fat: 50

                  175lbs, 5'11"


                    Currently, I am on a breakfast diet. And it is really helping me. After 5 pm, no carbs allowed to eat. Just have a look at this image, you will get your answer.breakfast image.jpg