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50 years old and haven't ran a cycle in many years

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    50 years old and haven't ran a cycle in many years

    Hey guys!

    I am 50 years old and haven't ran a cycle since the year 2000. 

    I am thinking about starting a low cycle and I am guessing that I should not go full blast right away.

    Could you guys give me advice on a good starting cycle for my age?



    Glad you started here bro! We can help you if you want help & will take our advice. A lot has changed in your body over the years & you will need to start with basics. The best advice you can take is to read & study here on basic cycles, AI’s & PCT. There’s a search function to help you. A few questions that will help us help you;

    A. What is you body fat percentage at this time?

    B: Do you currently work out?

    C. How is your diet? Diet is number one brother above everything else! 

    Trust me.... we will do our best to guide & help you



      I workout 5 days per week.

      My body fat is about 15 percent.

      My diet is very clean. Free range chicken. Fish, some grass fed beef. Lots of green vegetables, sprouted 12 grain bread if I eat bread, protein shakes.




        Man that sounds like a great start Brother.... we must have a kindred spirit next question is can you skin a buck & run a trout line?? Just kidding bro 

        If I was to plan starting anything, I would have bloods drawn first & preferably after a thorough check up from your Dr if you haven’t had one lately. 

        Your first proposed cycle would be test only. Since it’s a been a long while, you’d see much improvement with test only & it would give you the opportunity to see how your body reacts to the test now & how it aromatizes. I wouldn’t be in a great hurry. Have you had tour test level checked recently?



          Test level is in the middle of normal range.



            Awesome Bro! What Ai’s if any & what pct protocol did you run before of any? 



              Welcome aboard, You'r connected with a great community.  Sounds like you have done some work and have a great base to build on and you know how important diet is.  Maybe you've checked out this section already but if you haven't you're really going to sink your teeth into it.



                Great link!



                  Its been so long ago, I'm not exactly sure but I know I used nolvodex or something like that



                    Here’s a good study brother 


                    Understanding pct



                      With your current stats, diet and if you also maintain an otherwise healthy lifestyle 500mg TestC or E per week for 12 weeks is what I would recommend. You can go as high as 750mg or as low as 250mg. Personally I think you will receive great benefits at 500. 

                      Get your PCT and AI education up to speed and you will have a good foundation to start seriously considering steroid use again. At 50 we have special concerns but that is mostly associated with training so design a training program that will meet your goals and also mitigates the risk of injury. We just don't heal as fast as these young bucks but we can give them a run for their money in the strength and physique department if we use a modified approach to our training.

                      Great to have you. A lot of information has been made available to the masses since your last cycle so you have a small learning curve to overcome but we are here to help.


                      SEMPER FI



                        This thread is starting to remind me of a study group on D floor in the stacks at the University I attended. Pretty cool



                          Thanks for all of the great information! I will take the advice and use it wisely. 




                            My father is 73 years old runs 250mgs of test E per week with 150mgs of deca....He is in such great shape for his age it's mind-blowing....He always was complaining about his sore elbows the deca has completely removed his pain...This 2 together for him at his age have been perfect!!!!! So at 50 years old, you are still a young man, and I don't see anything wrong with a 500mg a week cycle for you...STRENGTH BEYOND STRENGTH!!!!!!


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                              We have a man who's 97 and walks around the gym on his own power and trains with his 70 something year old son. I watch both those guys who are in good shape with admiration.

                            I'm 46 & gonna do DEPOT TEST CYP, DECA, & ANAVAR next! 💪Works good for me..