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New upper chest exercise

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    I use it as a go home move as well. I just put a plate on and press to failure for 3 sets.



      I think this is really good information, the more of this guys videos I watch the more I like him and what he is saying. I am really surprised he doesn't have more followers....but I think its due to the fact that he is giving the more advanced techniques compared to the no brainer do 4 sets 8-10 reps of these 4 things every week for bench and you will get huge that so many novice people are looking for.

      What I like about this is he is explaining exactly how to do sets and really focus on the mind muscle connection. Which lets face it Arnold said he could go do 1 set of bench press with mind muscle connection and get more out of it than someone walking in off the street and doing chest for an hour.  Now for some of you older pro's it may not be as interesting cuz you have already devoleped that mind muscle connection that's spot on.

      But I have been really working on my mind muscle connection here this last week since I feel it needs to be developed more and is one of the key things needed for progression, as I feel I have hit one of those plateau's and the only way out of it is through smarter and better training while working on my progressive overloading

      Here is also another version of his cell expanding chest workout that uses dropsets with 20 second time under tension in the streatched position between each set. Its supposed to destroy your chest, bring new cells in immediately to fix and reapair, and also give you a very big pump, along with time under tension.

      And here is a video of where he talks about isometrix before and between sets to help with mind muscle activation

      Do you guys ever do stuff like that between sets?





        of enhanced or natty lifters trust me bro when I got my head out of aas and started studying trying I blew past everyone  by miles  remember my saying bro train like a bitch look like a bitch, its

        true and people always say diet this

        diet that and true diet is an important factor as far as asthetics  even with a not so great diet if

        you train with the intensity of a machine you will


        grow denser stronger wether a surplus or

        not in living proof


        many others I know you get another +1 from me and your gonna be a star if you keep your head buried

        in training ben pakulski  a gold

        mine and Seth feroce has

        some amazing tips as

        well as far. As angles combine science and bro science never pigeon hole yourself 



          i must agree with you on diet , i grew for alot of years on the shittest food inside ,  high starch high carb. high everything but protein. .. ..

          but all i did was train intense, and run handball. .. i still find it true out here as long as i eat. im also not going for stage. ...



            Originally posted by siegmund

            im also not going for stage. ...

            Oh Thank Odin. You would look terrible in a bikini.


            SEMPER FI





              I would add although this can be true why would you go into battle with a half full magazine (mediocre diet). To train correctly and efficiently requires that you have all the pieces in place.  Nothing sucks more than to finish a 1000 piece puzzle only to discover you have one missing piece.

              A proper diet provides a better return on your investment in my opinion no matter what you are trying to accomplish in the gym. You are what you eat and you become what you feed.

              On a side note- Seth has some great swag over at All American Roughneck!


              SEMPER FI



                Did the fly with a twist last night. Good one, and nice a sore today. That twist really helped in both powering the weight into contraction. Fuckin delicious!



                  That means a lot coming from someone like yourself. I am going to have to check out seth feroce here when I get a chance. Right now I think I have almost overwhelmed myself with more information than I can remember when I go to the gym lol. But the awesome thing is I am trying to learn as much as possible cuz I lift with my brother as often as I can, and he loves weight training but isn't that into watching all the videos and stuff like I do. Me on the other hand I will geek out for hours sometimes lol. But the really awesome thing is I like to try and bring some new tip, trick, or technique that I learned and we both try it out. And its awesome cuz when we both lift together we push each other to our limits.

                  So the really cool thing is I really feel like I am starting to get a good grasp on all this info. And by starting I mean that I am still learning every day and once I get the actual results from trial and error then I feel I can say I have truly applied it. Until then I figure the more knowledge I have the better my chances are at being successful at it especially when combined with the right drive, diet, gear, and mindset



                    Did chest here a couple days ago and tried some of the new stuff I learned and some of the stuff you guys mentioned here. Had probably the best chest workout I have had in a while. When I was done the chest was crying and begging for mercy. I tried out the fly's with a twist and those were awesome, gonna do more of those in the future for sure. Also hit the Smith flat bench sideways like dolf talked about at the end and repped out and burnt the pecs to the ground!

                    I also tried out a few of the strength curve techniques on arm day and I must say it was awesome. I really like the tricep cable pushdowns where you start reps way back, the do reps in middle, then up close. Triceps were burning after just one set and really liked it cuz it was like 3 sets in one, or a good dropset. I am really enjoying some of the new stuff I am learning and look forward to applying more on future workouts



                      That's the only way dumbbell flies should be done.


                        A few good choices are cable crossovers from the lower pulleys, incline-bench cable flyes, and incline-bench dumbbell flyes. Reverse-grip bench press: Flat-bench barbell presses with a reverse grip actually shift the focus to the upper pecs.