IGF-LR3 1mg

IGF-LR3 1mg

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Product Quality
how can I use this? it's powder. Injection or oral?
do I need transfer it to solution?how?
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Product Quality
I started this product 5 days into my PCT and have been using it now for 13.

50 mcg's Pre-WO and early morning on Non-WO days

I did not feel much of anything the first week aside from being a little more tired and hungry. Around day 8-10 I noticed looking fuller in mirror. Days 7 on I started feeling really pumped in the Gym. 18 days into PCT and no loss of strength or weight so far.

Had to update early - definitely working great! Little tired during the day. Goes away in the Gym NP and workouts are intense. Hands are a bit "Stiff". Added weight today 20 days into PCT so still growing although I have now dropped 2-3 lbs. Recovery is great and I have upped my schedule .

11/10/13 - 21 Days on IGF and 26 days into PCT w/ 5 days left to go (Blood work in 8-9 days)
I finished yesterday. I may have "Over-trained" last 8 days w/ only 1 day off; I never hit it so hard for so long. feel pretty sore today but not bad considering the work I did. Overall I made "slight gains" dropped about 2 kilos. Last week I did not feel as tired as the first 10 days or so. Pumped remained through out but stiffness lightened up. I was HUNGRY though out entire cycle. Low Libido has been an issue to date for me but there seemed no change from when on AAS cycle which was slightly higher than normal. Over all I really never felt like I came off cycle except for slightly "moodier". I will give a last update on this when i get my blood work back in about 10 days.
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