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Product Quality
Product Quality
Finished loading phase and product worked as described for "Tanning". I definitely got darker with very little sun exposure. I have a lot left for maintenance or to get darker as needed. Goal here was just to get some decent pigment change and maintain it. Skin cancer runs in the family and the sun is BRUTAL here in Costa Rica. I did not notice any libido or fat loss changes though. BUT I found myself very sensitive to the product and had to take at low dosages. Directions call for .25mg initially to check for reaction, well, I said screw that and starting loading at .5 mg; 5 min later I had total nausea and my head then body turned bright red.....felt like my heard was going to explode. So ya, follow the directions. I was slowly able to move up to .5 mg but any more still made me nauseous. No problem there just takes longer to load to desired effect.
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