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*****Note: I posted this same review on E-Roids & the moderator deleted most of it to protect this company. He even deducted Karma points from me & threatened to remove me from the forum if I kept posting. His action should tell customers what is going on. There on that forum you will see where they get many more reviews & this is a serious issue with this company of customers not getting their products & money being taken.  You will also see where it is getting worse*****

One thing I will say is even though I did not receive this order & this was the 1st time by the way, every time I have emailed these guys they have responded very quickly. It's not their customer service that is the problem...As you can see by many other customers as of late the problem is customers are not receiving their orders & if you look at their reviews before they are deleted or if you see them at all, you will see this is a growing problem. Sure, they sent me a copy of proof of delivery in some generic form but what does that matter. The bottom line is I sent them money & I didn't get my product. I have been very patient with these guys & warned them whether they deleted this or not I was going to come on here & expose them for the scammers they have become by ripping off their customers. They keep saying, "If you get a customs seizure notice you can show us the copy & we will resend the order"...Well, of course I have NEVER received 1 & I'm sure the customers like me know we won't. So some details, they said my order was shipped January 24, 2017 so it has been 3 months & still I haven't received my order so the T/A I cannot give you so this part I would say is a complete fail on their part. Obviously I can't tell you about this particular packaging since I NEVER received the order which is below. However, in the past their packaging was very discreet.

This is what I ordered (2)Pharmacom Deca 600 & (1) SIS Labs Test-Cypionate

Cannot comment about the quality of this order because I didn't receive it. However, I am using Pharmacom Deca 600 from another vendor that actually sent me my order & I have the test results to prove that this product is legit. I checked the company's website with authentication code & it said it was legit. In the past I have used cheaper priced gear from here without the ability to check codes because the companies didn't offer it. I found out why. This site sells some fake gear & you need to be careful what you buy. I have the test results if anyone is interested I will post on my account...that is if this review doesn't get deleted which I'm sure it will. I have low testosterone & other hormone issues so I am tested all the time buy my endocrinologist. I do have a script for testosterone to take a shot every 2 weeks & my testosterone would come always between 300-400 & the doctor said that was ok. Well I didn't like it so I ordered gear from these guys as I said & started taking their products in between so I was taking a shot every week. When the tested again the number still stayed between 300-400. As I stated above, I started using the Pharmacom Deca 600 from another vendor & my last testosterone test came back at 735 so you tell me. All I can say is I am very disappointed in this company for not making this right. I gave them every chance to make it right before I went on here & ripped them. I warned them but they didn't care because I sure they figured when they saw this they would delete it as fast as humanly possible as to keep as many customers as they can until they have scammed them all. They will say "this is not a review" or "not within the rules"...anything to give them a supposed valid reason to delete this post. I doubt anyone ever see's it but I hope someone catches it before it's gone. This company must be exposed & held accountable for their actions. You should also know that I have tried to rate them above & for some reason was unable to...go figure. It says to write a review first before you rate so we will see if it lets me after this but I think we all know the answer to that question. Needless to say I will NEVER order from this company again & I hope your able to read this & understand what is going on here. Go through the reviews & you will see that as of late customers are not getting their orders & the trend is growing. The only positive I can take from this experience is placing my order with another vendor allowed me to find out that I have been paying these guys for gear that was fake. I'm not saying all of it is fake because I didn't use any of the more expensive stuff that I could check authenticity codes for so this is partially my fault for using cheap stuff. Some of the stuff I used in the past they don't even sell anymore. I'm sure I wasn't the only 1 who had issues. So, you can basically say that if I was getting fake gear then I still got nothing for my money. My only hope is that just 1 customer reads this & learns from my experience. However, like I said, this will probably be picked up quick & deleted.


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