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Steroids A alphamuscle

This time I tried Alphamuscle because my other guys have some prolong vacation time or so :-) Process was fast and communication was a breeze, almost instant. Package was discrete and solid. So Alpamuscle did everything by the book and I already sent another order.

Now about the product. I ordered Excel Pharma TNT 450 and Nandrotest 400. I never used muti vials product before and I'm positive that you'll get what you'll pay for. I'm not saying that product does not contain what is telling it does but it is definitely weaker than if you mix it right before injection. But it is also way cheaper so at the end it is working equally to the price. It took aprox same time to kick in as when I use single deca plus single test, but my pain in elbow was gone about a month later than usually does, so I think that deca is the weak part here, but it is only my elbow-bro-science speaking here. I used in 1.5 to 2.5cc range with no PIP at all. After 12weeks I gained solid 10lb which is nice. Side effects was only mild. Recommended!
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