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Steroids A anasteroids
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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Great online pharmacy with good website layout and ordering process, I am very happy with their service.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Discreet packaging, you wouldn't know what it is until you've opened it and even then it might take some unwrapping to be sure. T/A for my international orders are 1-2 weeks.

Products Ordered

Dihydro bold e none-X 100 - 10 X VIAL

Product Effects

Love D H B and Mix Bold, Very smooth oil and NO pip at all.
I'm using 4 ml D H B and 1 ml Bold 400 /wk, Very powerful compound, I felt my libido increase, oily skin and increase in well being.

VERY happy with quality and now I know it's good to go in the future.


Experience with this company has been great. Received all my products. Never had a pack seized even once.

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
Owner's reply

Thank you for choosing us
your money is always safe Thank you very much
I will serve people in the best way as long as I am here
Thank you
you will never lose your money no matter what happens here safe always % 100
Thank you very much

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