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(Updated: November 19, 2022)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Been never had a problem and many many years even moved to different states different location on the spur of the moment you still got them to me always there knowledgeable but all the product just ask him

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Well this time is the first time I got a little worried but let me set y'all's Minds at ease my tracking information gave me an email it said my package was turned over to a third party agent scared the crap out of me I texted said no worries turns out depends where you live the last journey might be brought do you buy an independent carrier so don't trip out if your message says turned over to a third party agent no worries

Products Ordered

This time I ordered three stano 50s suppression 3 test AQ 75 suppression and a 300 mix* 2

Product Effects

Top of the line clean and fresh products nowhere near the manufacturer's expiration date also if you have any questions about mixing your Cycles up just send them an email he'll tell you what to do


I I don't only highly recommend I recommend you don't waste your time searching all through the internet cuz in the end this place is the 100% legit and a lot of the other places say they sell iron pharma products but if you've ever bought real one you know what the packaging is you know what the bottles look like in real iron pharma products you can go to their website and put in the batch number and everything and they'll tell you if they're real just saying don't waste your time or money anywhere else

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Yes, I do!
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