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I have ordered from APL 4 times and I’m waiting to make a 5th purchase once they are restocked. Their injectables and pct are legit I’ve only tried their anadrol and did not notice any changes in body besides being constantly tired and having headaches, but I still ate and trained hard.

I’ve seen a 30 lb gain from the test, after that cycle I took a 4month break dropping 8-10 lbs. I then tried their test p, Tren a, and anadrol. I then seen I 12-15 lb gain but I was much harder. I gained tramendous strength through the Tren but suffered from many mental breakdowns. During my cycle I splurged and bought a cbr1000rr, broke up with my fiancé, then bought her a $14,000 engagement ring, sold my motorcycle, totaled my truck, then asked her to marry me. Tren mentally jacks me up! I will be trying decaf or npp next with test c and Winstrol. Their nolvadex and arimedex worked great during and off cycle. I’m hoping to have better results from the Winstrol then the anadrol, but other than that I Love APL.
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