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Steroids A apl

This is what i think. There was a lab on gurus back in 2015 called Venom. They made top 5 of the sources. He pulled the same shit as APL just dropped off the face of the earth. He had a great cliental great products. Its funny to me that Venom and APL had the exact web page and background storys about who they are. I ordered APL and the stuff came just like Venoms in small priority mail boxes. But the only difference i noticed is it came from a different state. I received from APL from different states. I believe there the same person. I was took by Venom for $200. We gotta be careful because it can happen at anytime. Who knows how much $ they can make from this. I have alerts on google news for anabolic steroids and related news. There were a lot of bust right around the time APL disappeared. There's millions of $ to lose and make. I always wanted to address the 2 in a email to APL but didnt want to start no shit. Check it out the to sources. If you can still pull it up. Its like the guy came back with a different name but everything else was the same. They even excepted walmart money grams. Just to many similarities. I cant be the only one who thought this.

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