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Customer Support & Ordering Process

I have been ordering from Aristimuqoh for approximately 10 years. His customer service is the best I have ever experienced. He responds to my emails, often within minutes, and always within a day. Every order I have ever placed with him was received and every product I have received was the real deal. Although I do not send the products for testing, I do get blood tests every six months that prove the products I receive from him are real.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

He has a very unique method of packaging that works every time. It usually takes about 4-5 days from shipping to receive the products in the states.

Products Ordered

Test E, EQ and HCG

Product Effects

500 mg Test E per week. My test levels above the measured range. My strength is the maximum I would want for my frame and my body fat percentage is about 7%.


There is no better source than Arist. for quality, customer service and delivery time. His prices are also very reasonable.

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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