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I received my first product in 9 days. Which was really incredible delivery time. The other part of my order, the one I'm reviewing here, Kalpa duraxyl 100, unfortunately was backordered., was having an ongoing issue with their supplier trying to get it back in stock. They kept me updated throughout the delay, which, truly wasn't their fault. As promised, I did finally receive the Duraxyl after several weeks. In looking through dozens of essentially overwhelmingly positive reviews, this delay is not the norm and again I don't fault all. The package was securely shipped. 

I dosed the Kalpa Duraxyl 112.5mg EOD equaling an average of 400mg a week. I didn't take this with any other compounds or Progesterone inhibitors.

I have always responded well to MOP rather quickly.
By the middle to late part of the 2nd week I could definitely feel it. My core lifts - squat, push press, deadliest, chin up, and bench press all started to feel lighter.

By the end of the third week the body composition changes were apparent. I was leaning out, showing no signs of bloat. My bodyweight by the end of the 4th week was up 4 ,pounds.

I continued the same cycle through seven weeks.
I began at a bodyweight of 216 8.2% body fat. By week 7 I was 222 body fat 7.3%.
Thus my fat free mass increased from 198 lb to to nearly 206 lb an 8 pound gain.
While my body fat decreased from 17.5 lb to 16lb.

I reached personal bests in both my chin up and deadliest, while all main lifts increased from week 1.

Only side effects were "bacne" which I always get on NPP and a moderate libido drop.

Sorry again for the scrappy picture!
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