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To be short and sweet, is the real deal. Third time ordering from them, and the previous two orders from them have been smooth as butter.

Customer service was and currently is 10/10. Every ticket has been responded to in a timely and succint manner.

Overall, they are (currently) number one on this review site for a reason. They have been superb in quality and customer service, and pricing is very competitive as well. I'm pleased to have ordered from them and will order from them in the future.

As a side note, I am hesitant to see how this current third order plays out: at the time of this review, the site has changed (no longer albiet the layout of the site is exactly the same- however all of my order information has disappeared even though my accoint information of the site is still exactly the same. I have just sent an email inquiry, so I will be updating and leaving a third review when all of this figures itself out. While I am worried, their past two interactions with me have been nothing less than very professional and courteous, so I am sure they wont let me down.

*12/17/18 update:

I have since been emailed and helped a while back regarding my order and everything is proceeding smoothly. They responded very well and fast to my questions and tickets, excellent customer service as always! I'm still waiting on my third order to arrive but I'm sure it'll arrive shortly.

I have ordered three times from them (am expecting the third order to arrive any time now). The first time was Dragon Pharma arimidex and test enathalate 400 alone, and the second time was Dragon Pharma arimidex, test enathalate 400, and tbol. The arimidex and test both worked for both times, as confirmed by lab work pre and post cycle (for both times, the test seemed to be have been just slightly overdosed by my lab values, but no complains here). The Tbol effects were very mild, but that is due to the nature of the compound itself, and not the quality, which was great. I used it as a Kickstarter, and could notice its effects on strength within a week (the initial bloat and water gain of test hadn't kicked it in yet due to weight being the same so I can safely assume the tbol is what increased my strength within 4 workouts, by 8kgs and 14kgs to my bench and squat working sets respectfully... yes you read those number right!). Of course, a lot of results come with what you put in, but these items are LEGIT. My eating, recovery/sleep, and training has been point when I use these products (I hate wasting money and thats how I would feel like if I spent it on gear and didnt fully place in the effort to gain mass), and over these two cycles using Dragon Pharma's products, I have been on a lot of muscle and strength!
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