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Customer Support & Ordering Process

The ordering/process was quick, easy and efficient! I used the Western Union payment option and there were NO PROBLEMS what so ever doing it this way. A++++

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Very very fast shipping, 3 days to arrive in Phoenix with discreet normal packaging!

Products Ordered

- two 10ml Beligas EQ viles

Product Effects

I have start running my cycle (Test E, EQ and Dbol(week8)).
I am pinning 600mg of EQ a week; 300mg Monday/Thursday.
-I did a 1.5x frontload on the EQ and by week 2 I noticed darkening of my skin, a major step up in my vascularity and also my endurance in the gym and when pushing cardio is through the roof, no joke! Beligas EQ is outstanding! If you are looking for something extra for your next cycle I would highly recommend Beligas's EQ or any product that Beligas makes. A+++ Quality. 


BodyGear does an all around A++++ job, they will always have my business and I will not be going any where else besides BodyGear. I have already recommended them to a few of my gym buddies and they say the same thing as me: outstanding service and legit potent gear. You will not find a better vendor out there. I promise you that! I am a loyal supporter of Beligas's product because I know there products are potent and properly dosed, I will only pin Beligas. All Beligas's product have a QR code you can scan for batch numbers and all, this just goes to show they are putting out legit gear. It is a no brainer to roll with this company.

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
EQ 300mg/ml
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