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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Ordering process was awesome, used Zelle. They confirmed receipt of payment and took the time to answer a couple questions via their website ticket submission feature.

Delivery was quicker than I expected. Took a little under a week from order to receiving items in the mail.

This was my first time ordering online, and I was skeptical (I’m also new to cycling). I held back 1/2 my order just in case it didn’t work, and it worked great. I’ve submitted the other 1/2 of my order and am waiting for confirmation. I’m sure it will come I soon.

They offer cycle advice, which was responded to timely and very insightful.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

As stated, delivery was efficient via USPS. Arrived in a priority mail envelope. A little padding would have been better, but it arrived just fine. I really like the secure packaging of the Belgias Test Cyp, which includes the product verifier code. It checked out as legit through the Beligas site too.

Products Ordered

Test Cyp 200
Cytomel 50 mg

Just ordered:
Test Deca
Winstrol tabs

Product Effects

The Test Cyp is legit. It reacts just like typical prescription. Still waiting for the Cytomel to kick in (takes time from what I have been advised)


Overall review is Grade A, packaging needs a little padding but otherwise I’m super impressed. Could be a customer for a long time!

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