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Thought i would give decatest a go after my friend told me about it and the service witch was provided was 1st class i ordered platinium lab trenbolone acetate and malay sus 250 this was my 1st cycle on both and i have to say after a few days i could feel the gear starting to work was waking up during the night feeling wide awake warm and sweaty after about 2 weeks my strength had shot up and the aggression was crazy i was pushing my self alot harder in the gym and i was not as tired during my sets the pumps i got were solid this tren ace and malay was kicking in very good. The communication from decatest was excellent from placing my order untill my order arrived the postage was very fast with no issues at all my items were very well packaged and discreet and i found decatest very helpful and the amount of help i recieved was 5* i could not reccomend this source enough to anyone you get all the help and support you need and the service is excellent i also recieved some cenforce 100 centurion viagra as freebie witch were excellent and worked very well i will definetely be ordering from this source again :)

Tren ace platinium lab - huge strength increase aggression was crazy in the gym not as tired during sets could push my self alot more in the gym night sweats from tren headachaes now and then nice muscle pumps and hardness bf dropped

Malay sus 250 alot more aggression packed on some nice size sex drive extremely high more than happy with the products cannot wait to start my next cycle already :)
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