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I have been using for well over a year now and i more than happy with there products everything i have purchased is %100 REAL and legit top quality products at a very good price and i have to say the service witch they provide is 1st class i have had no problems with them at all the communication is excellent through out your order and even after your order has been sent out they still communicate with you the packaging your items come in is always very well wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed discretely the dispatch time is around 3 days max the knowledge have is very helpful and they have huge amounts of advice and are willing to help you in every step of you goals




Bulking cycle 10 weeks - Pharaoh boldenone 300 and pharaoh sustanon 250 running boldenone at 600mg for 2 weeks and after 2 weeks ran it at 400mg per week- sustanon i ran at 500mg per week both were very smooth with very little pip i split the dosage up due to the boldenone having a 14 day half life i noticed the sustanon and boldenone kicking in after 2 weeks my strength and aggression was climbing up i felt as tho i could push my self a lot harder and some times my workouts lasted that little bit longer sex drive was quite high higher than normal so i knew this gear was definitely the real deal and doing want its meant to be doing this was my first time trying pharaoh and i have to say i have been very impressed and will definitely be buying again and would highly recommend this brand to anybody wanting to try this lab out after 6 weeks i was starting to look a lot more bulky and noticed an increase in size and strength was through the roof i did hold some water bloat but this was easy resolved with some arimidex 2 tablets per day and kept my water levels up with some cardio added in as well treadmill on a hill incline for 30 minutes i had the usual side effects headaches and waking up at random times during the night feeling a little warm and sweaty and being awake for a while during the night
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