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Steroids D decatest
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Excellent customer support very friendly quick response time very knowledgeable about cycles stacks etc. Ordering process was fast and easy with no problems

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Item arrived in a couple of days in a discrete bubble wrapped package with extra bubble wrap around my supplements tracked and signed for

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Alpha pharma test enanthate

Alpha pharma boldenone

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Review for alpha pharma test enanthte

Alpha pharma boldenone

It's my 2nd time using this stack so I ran it at 18 weeks this time

I started off with
250mg of test enanthate 500mg of boldenone per week per week didn't really feel much till around the 3 week mark noticed my strength going up nice pumps in the gym feeling more focused and started pushing through my sets a lot more with more aggression to push my self during sets Only sides I had was headaches now and then
After 6 weeks I had a bit of water retention but got rid of the this by some water retention tablets and upped my water in take 7 weeks in I noticed I was putting on some nice size looking a lot more filled out and gaining a lot of strength


I have been using the supplier for a good few year now and never let me down highly reccomended supplier 5*

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Yes, I do!
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