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There's a reason this clown gets booted off of every review site, avoid this guy at all costs. Bad Euro attitude, thinks he's a god or a rockstar ha ha.

His gear is average, been on all his products for months. got some gains and results but none of his compounds are stellar just average had far better UGL gear. Recently had a major problem completing donation, he blamed it all on me, didn't care that I straightened it out, after quite a few completed orders he still didn't want to hear shit. This dude sucks that's why he got kicked of MG a while ago. Buyer beware, I should have took the mods lead and boycotted this Ahole. He's been kicked off other boards as well. Anyone wants more details of how this shite does biz just send a FR and I will go as far as to show you all the emails, and I have much higher Karma on another board, not a troll...

To recap his gear is average and some of it like the NPP had no effect. The Test Products gave me some strength as well as the Tren but didn't get the effects I was used to from other UGL's could have been my batch.
Using HGH I got from him but its from EC Labs, so far only 3 weeks in too early to tell if its working but contacted EC Labs and batch is def legit.

His gear is OK, hit and miss but his customer service is abysmal. Previous review wasn't good either, be careful bro's this dude will dick you up and down if he gets a chance and be nasty about it too.. I have dealt with much more professional Domestic UGL's with owners who give their customers a little respect and courtesy after a year of dealing with them and sell rocket fuel overdosed gear on the cheap! Do yourself a favor and pass on Dionysus
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